Glorium Time Machine

Glorium was a post-hardcore band from San Antonio, TX. Soon after forming in 1991 the band moved to Austin in 1992  and then spent many miles on the road between the two cities and touring across America. Active from 1991-2016 and played over 200 shows nationwide, it’s doubtful the group will ever play again as members have moved on to other projects like KOSL/Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, Sexto Sol, The Please Help, Amor Negro, and I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness.

Members  were George J. Lara on bass, Juan Miguel Ramos on drums, Ernest Salaz on guitar, Lino Max on guitar, and Paul Streckfus on vocals. Other musicians whom sometimes joined the band briefly  for tours or gigs include Jon Rueter, Jeremy Erwin, Kelsey Wickliffe, and Eduardo Hernandez.

Below you can see a gigography of the group.

To view it click here >>> Glorium-timeline